Ver la Versión Completa : Dudas con una familia Aupair, 2000GBP mensuales

14-nov-2011, 10:22
Os muestro a continuación los correos que me he mandado con una familia para trabajar con ellos de Aupair...

Me he parecido algo sospechoso que paguen 2000GBP, pero de primera no piden dinero, ni nada y me han dado los datos de su negocio y todo el tema...

Pero, 2000GBP...


PD: Ya de paso decidme cómo véis mi inglés :$

Our Findaupair.com Locator ID number: 66563

To see our profile click HERE - (Au-pair Login required)

- or enter our Locator ID number here http://www.findaupair.com/search/search_for_family.asp

Our email address:XXXXX@gmail.com

Dear Au pair, We are Robert Bjerg's family an Australia. We are a nice and fun loving family and currently based and currently in London, England (UK). We require the services of an Au pair/nanny who would take care of our kids. Our busy schedule prompted us to seek the assistance of an Aupair/nanny, we searched for an Au pair on the Au pair site and we found your profile and liked it. Your basic duties would be to take care of our kids. We have a maid who would undertake of housework hence your basic responsibility is with our kid. Indicate your interest by sending us your recent picture phone number and introduction about yourself for us to evaluate and consider you for the position. Let us hear from you so that we can discuss more on the offer. You can contact us on this e mail address XXXXX@gmail.com for more information with regards to this offer. Sincerely, Robert Bjerg


I'm Eduardo XXXXX from FindAuPair.com.

Yesterday I bough a plane ticket for January 10th to London.

I saw your profile and I agree with all, so if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.

We can talk by skype to evalue my English.

Best regards!

Dear Au pair,

Thanks for your interest to work with my family.

Meanwhile, how are you doing today? Hope that you are good health over there. We are looking for an Aupair to be a big sister or brother to our kids and to become another member of our family au pair. Besides, let me use this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to our family.

We are a family of four. My wife Maria, Cherry (4yrs) our first daughter and Victoria (1yr) second and I. I am the Managing Director of Norfolk Hotel based here in London, my wife also work in the same Hotel as Administrative Assistance with the Human Resource.

If you need to inquire about the authenticity of our employment with the company and our current posting to (UK), you could contact our company http://www.euronorfolkhotel.com/ (info.norfolkhotel@london.com)

With respect to your services, your basic duties would be to take care of our kids. We have a house maiden who would undertake of housework hence your sole basic responsibility is with Cherry, and that includes getting her ready for school in the morning, preparing her meals and playing with her and also visiting some recreational parks and children play ground near our building.

Cherry our daughter will be Four (5) years old by 20th December and we are planning to host a birthday party for her. You will have your own room furnished with a laptop computer connected to internet for your personal use.

Your monthly is salary will be 2000GBP which would be paid to you at the end of every month and a weekly pocket money of 220GBP and this is subjected to change with respect to your approach to services in our family. You will be expected to work for about 25-30hours per week. You will have weekend off and we shall pay you for an extra-time in your work in case of such incident.

Do well and send your update CV/Resume to enable us ascertain your credibility as a good Au pair to our kid. Alternatively, you can send some important information about you YOUR FULL NAMES, CONTACT DETAILS, INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT NUMBER/ID NUMBER AND PHONE NUMBER) to enable our lawyer to prepare an Appointment Letter and other travel documents for you. We Love you and sincerely look forward to welcome you to our family.

Wishing you a very happy and fulfilling day.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Bjerg Family

11 Great Portland Street,

London, W1W 5PS

United Kingdom

(+44) XXXXX

Hello Robert,

One important question before the CV and the other details.

Why you pay 2000GBP per month if the other families that I saw pay 280GBP until 500GBP?

Best regards,
Eduardo XXXXX


The reason why my family pay 2000GBP which is calculated 500GBP per week is because we need the best in you to come out while taking care of our kids. Different families pay different salaries. This depends on your individuals and their hearts.

If you are still interested to work for my family, then send us your CV/Resume in other for us to ascertain your credibility of been a good Aupair to our kids.

Maria my wife send her kind regards to you. Wishing you a wonderful new week.

Robert Bjerg
for the family.

14-nov-2011, 10:39
Estafa al canto, tienes cien hilos en el foro hablando de lo mismo.

14-nov-2011, 14:25
Por cierto, que te pagan £2000 en croydon? JA.:cool: